“Strengths to strengths,” is my personal motto. Age is only numbers. While wisdom is the gift of experience that helps shape strengths and motivates me to encourage personal, team, professional and community development.


I was born and raised in Ireland, with the brogue and sense of humor to prove it. I am Catholic pastor, with years of experience in academic leadership and teaching, parish leadership, counseling, communications, and spiritual and personal formation as a ‘soul friend,’ anam chara in Gaelic. I have accompanied leaders and teams of commercial and faith institutions on their journey towards success, development and growth.

Through art, music, painting, creative writing, formal instruction and one-on-one meetings, I strive to help others become aware of their strengths, own them and live them so that their lives are rich in meaning and deep in self- actualization.

My commitment to accompany people on their strength based development journey is best expressed in my vow to “continue reflecting on the fragility of the world, people and creation, and to consider alternative paths towards healing and success, so that tomorrow and beyond, there is at least one more person, group, team, leader, business or community that is less stressed but stronger and more effective in meeting the challenges and gifts of their chosen goals.”

My leading strength of INTELLECTION ensures that I think deeply about whatever issues, or questions, I encounter. FUTURISTIC guarantees that I will offer a vision of tomorrow, that is inspiring, exciting, attainable, and is firmly rooted in the development of personal and group strengths. RESTORATIVE, my favorite strength, helps me accompany others as they strive to solve the problems and challenges they face on their way towards a life that is fulfilled and engaged. While CONNECTEDNESS opens my i sense of the inherent links among all things, discovering often ignored patterns, threads of meaning, and whispers of mystery and those otherwise ignored connections that lead to success. My fifth leading strength, STRATEGIC, allows me to consider all the possibilities and strategies so that the best way forward is discovered and pursued.

My leading strengths, forged by experience, personal formation, faith and wisdom, excites me to be of service to leaders, managers, teams, individuals, faith and business groups, so that I may accompany them on their journey towards success and happiness, as they grow from ‘strengths to strengths.’